Karate is a fun way for all ages and abilities to improve fitness and focus whilst learning a life-long skill.


Karate can provide an excellent full body workout helping to develop balance, speed, agility, coordination and flexibility to name a few.


Karate teaches self-discipline, respect, concentration and social skills all excellent tools for both the workplace and home.



Lincoln Karate School's

primary focus is teaching traditional Wado Ryu Karate however we also take inspiration from other martial arts and use this within our teaching.



Lincoln Karate School

are proud to be associated with Suzuki Ha Karate Do and are members of the WIKF.



We are proud to introduce specialist introductory classes for all ages and abilities. During these lessons students will be taught basic self-defence and de-escalation techniques whilst also being given advice on fitness and health from a fully qualified fitness instructor.


Through learning Karate students can dramatically improve their fitness and health and is excellent for sport related skills such as co-ordination, agility, balance, speed and so on.



 Lincoln Karate School Instructor

Founding instructor Rob has over 30 years experience in Martial Arts, self-defense, working with children & adults and has spent many years delivering various courses across the country for specialist clients.


He continues to train on a regular basis with a world renowned Sensei and also attends regular seminars with many other instructors.


As a qualified fitness instructor he is able to provide feedback on training, health, diet and overall fitness to his students.



Lincoln Karate School

is fully insured, enhanced Disclosure Barring Service checked and fully qualified in Martial Arts, Fitness and Child development and welfare.



Lincoln Karate School 

We are open to all ages from primary school years upwards and we welcome students of all abilities and past experiences.


For more information:

Phone: 07980 463304
E-mail: info@lincolnkarateschool.co.uk 


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